my name is Jon

and I want to help create a better path for your users.

About Me

I'm a Visual and UI/UX Designer by day and a international amateur rugby player, table-top game designer, and pop-music vinyl collector by night.

I believe that good experiences are built around an honest understanding of user's needs and goals and that delightful interactions and experiences create lasting relationships between people and products.

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Zest Rebrand

Rebrand & Web Design // 2016

In 2016 – 2017, I lead a lean in-house rebranding process for Zest Health. We examined their market, their users, and their product roadmap to develop a more modern brand and voice. The new brand is largely built around Zest's concierge services and their movement into the chat-bot space. The 'Zest Bubble' represents an opportunity for health and benefits-related solutions through conversation with our experts.

Friendly Users

Branding // 2017

In mid-2017, I began planning a personal project called Friendly Users. The output will take the form of a blog and youtube channel where I interview friends and colleagues about their interests and passions. In return, we'd run through sprint-inspired exercises and come up with a product wireframe/prototype around their interest. The goal is to educate others about how UX/UI Design can be a vehicle to innovating and building on just about anything you can think of.

Zest Chat Bot

UX.UI // 2016

Zest began pivoting to chat-first triage and member support in mid-2016 after learning that the best-reviewed and most engaged feature was their live concierge chat. Working with a project manager, we studied the workflows of our concierge team to understand how we could create a more fluid experience through 'dynamic keyboards': in-app keyboards that offered quicker and more data-friendly approaches to users answering questions and completing workflows.

NACS Magazine

Art Direction & Publishing // 2014-2015

In 2015 I art directed and designed NACS Magazine, an 80-200 page trade magazine about convenience store owning an operating. I love a challenge and nothing has been more challenging than making convenience stores a visually beautiful subject. My hard work paid off because NACS Magazine won first place in Design Excellence for 2015 from the Association Media & Publishing's annual EXCEL Awards.


Branding & UI.UX // 2017

I'm working on a consulting project called FIDO, a financial educational tool to help parents and kids learn about appropriate spending and saving through a modern experience.

Various Illustration & Compositions

Doodles & Art Direction // On-going

I've worked on a number of illustrations and compositions for personal and professional projects. Above are some of my personal favorites that I've had the pleasure of crafting.

My Tools

Pretty Dang good
After Effects
I'm also pretty handy with:
Adobe XD
AutoDesk Sketchbook

My Rap Sheet

Work History

UX Manager

@Catch Co. // 2017 – Now
  • Design subscription and ecommerce experiences for users of varrying tech literacy
  • Design internal tools, interfaces, and systems for operations, CS, and business development teams
  • Design internal tools, interfaces, and systems for operations, CS, and business development teams
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research and report on customer insights to stakeholders
  • Conduct design sprint and brainstorming exercises with cross-department teams

Lead Designer of UI & Marketing

@Zest Health // 2015 – 2017
  • Design product direction, visuals, and user interface & experience
  • Coordinate with developers and stakeholders to find achievable and appropriate product solutions
  • Execute all visual design stages from concept to dev handoff
  • Develop and assist with materials for user testing and feedback
  • Develop, maintain, and evolve Zest Health’s visual brand
  • Develop and implement visual marketing strategies

Art Director

@Imagination Publishing // 2014 – 2015
  • Design and art direct monthly 80-200 page trade publication
  • Art direct photoshoots and creative materials
  • Manage production schedule & coordinate w/ client editorial team
  • Manage special projects (client pitch concepts, annual report docs)

Graphic Designer

@Feld Motor Sports // 2014
  • Design and develop monster truck concepts and personas
  • Manage and create truck brand manuals and assets
  • Develop national and international marketing materials
  • Organize cross-department marketing and merchandise projects

Production Designer

@Hippo Press // 2013
  • Design and illustrate custom covers and feature articles
  • Organize, design, and proof 80-120 page weekly publication
  • Manage production cycle and printer relations
  • Develop infographics for editorial content

Publishing Designer

@JWC Media // 2012
  • Create styleguide and brand for new publication
  • Design and art direct 40-80 page weekly publication
  • Art direct photoshoots and retouch photos
  • Design magazine feature spreads and covers
Special Projects & Awards

Zest Health Rebrand

I lead a 3-month long committee in exploring and developing a lean in-house rebrand. I developed a process to outline and develop our brand structure through team and company-wide exercises that explored our current brand, our company values, our pitfalls that we can learn from, competing brands and their successes and pitfalls, and iconic brands that we aspire to be compared with.

1st in Design Excellence

NACS: The National Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, the magazine I art directed and designed, won first place in Design Excellence for 2015 (in the distribution category of 20,001 - 50,000 issues/month) from the Association Media & Publishing's annual EXCEL Awards.

Pixels of Fury: 2015 Chicago Champ

Pixels of Fury is a live design battle where 6 nominated designers go head to head. Each round designers have 20 minutes to come up with a concept and execute it. Winners of each round are voted on by an audience of creatives. I had the honor of winning the competition with a beer packaging concept surrounding a fictional IPA titled "Here Comes Trouble."

Monster Jam Year Book

I lead a cross-department team of 8 in developing, designing, and producing Feld Motor Sports' most profitable merchandise piece, the annual Monster Jam Year Book. I coordinated efforts between copy writers, editors, and designers. I created


UI/UX Design, Consulting

Let's dive into your the deep end with your user experience and product design and apply sociology and design principals to reach your product goals from raising engagement and retention to developing a cross-platform design system to bring unity and consistency to your user experience.

Corporate Branding, Logo Design

Let's explore your brand and brand needs with a full tear-down and rebuild of your brand structure, voice, and visual identity through my lean in-house rebranding system. We'll define a stronger corporate identity through team exercises to develop key intangible elements of your brand like your brand promise and brand pillars. I'll then work with your team to translate our group exercises into a visual identity.

Web & Mobile Site Design

Your site is your first impression. Let's work together to make it the best one possible. Using leading design tools, let's team up to outline your web presence needs and create your fully-functioning site in a matter of weeks, not months. With my lean design+development system, I'll take your site from concept to launch in less than a month.

Print & Digital Marketing Design

Design is a leading influencer in brand and product trust. I'll help you design and develop cross-platform marketing assets and style guides to put your best foot forward when reaching out to customers and leads through print and web communications.

Let's create together

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